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The WILLOW BEND Fundraising Program is a unique opportunity for organizations to raise $$$.


Place your order - sell, sell, sell - and return the unsold items.

No upfront payment is required - and no unsold items left in your closet.


You are responsible for shipping charges - both directions.

Hopefully, you will have no items to return, but if you do...

You may use a smaller box for your returns.  Don't ship back air!

You may use FedEx, UPS or USPS to return items.

Be sure all light-up items have their TABS in place.

Light Up Rose

These roses are a VERY successful fundraiser item for BEAUTY & THE BEAST.


Inviting your audience to light their roses during the FINALE of the show not only makes your audience feel a part of the show, but will help to create a beautiful moment for your production. 


Order in multiples of 48

Light Up Wands
Snowflake Wand

Unleash the Elsa in your audience members with these wonderful Snowflake Wands

for your production of FROZEN.

Also, a possibility for ANASTASIA.

Picture a beautiful FINALE with the cast & audience lighting up their wands.


It will melt your heart! 


Order in multiples of 12