The WILLOW BEND Fundraising Program is a unique opportunity for organizations to raise $$$.


Place your order - sell, sell, sell - and return the unsold items.

No upfront payment is required - and no unsold items left in your closet.


You are responsible for shipping charges - both directions.

Hopefully, you will have no items to return, but if you do...

You may use a smaller box for your returns.  Don't ship back air!

You may use FedEx, UPS or USPS to return items.

Be sure all light-up items have their TABS in place.

See these fundraisers 'in action' on our Product Videos page.

Light-Up Rose.jpg
Light-up Rose


These roses are a VERY successful fundraiser item for BEAUTY & THE BEAST.


Inviting your audience to light their roses during the FINALE of the show not only makes your audience feel a part of the show, but will help to create a beautiful moment for your production. 


Order in multiples of 48

Snowflake Wand


Unleash the Elsa in your audience members with these wonderful snowflake wands

for your production of FROZEN.

Picture a beautiful FINALE with the cast & audience lighting up their wands.


It will melt your heart! 


Order in multiples of 24

Snowflake Wand.jpg
Star Wand.jpeg
Star Wand

This Star Wand is a great item for many shows.  


Possible shows include:





This 16" wand has multi-colored LED lights with a variety of lighting modes.

These Star Wands will provide hours of creative play.


Order in multiples of 24

Water Wand

What can you get with glitter water and

fibre-optic threads?


These unique wands are a great fundraiser item for LITTLE MERMAID & PETER PAN.

Multi-colors and seven light functions can't be beat.


Order in multiples of 24

Water Star Wand.jpg

You can't go 'Under the Sea'


this 18.5" Trident.

The light-up feature just makes it GLOW!

King Triton would be proud to carry

this impressive trident,

and your audience members will

love it, too.


Order in multiples of 12

The Heart of Te Fiti 

MOANA makes a journey to restore 

the Heart of Te Fiti,

and now you can share these necklaces

with your audience.

The necklace has a turquoise-colored stone

hanging from a rope/fabric chain adorned

with small pearl-colored stones.

The best part???

When the Heart of Te Fiti is exposed to light -



Order in multiples of 12

TeFiti Necklace_edited.jpg
Ogre Ears.jpg
Ogre Ears

It's easy to let 'your freak flag fly' when wearing these

Ogre Ears.

You can inspire your audience to let their inner

SHREK loose by having your ushers, ticket takers & orchestra wear the cute, green ears.

It will be a 'Big, Bright Beautiful World'

with your audience wearing their own

Ogre Ears!

(Fits all sizes)


Order in multiples of 10

Lion Ears


your audiences will ROAR for these Lion Ears.

They are fluffy and perfectly formed for a true

transformation into Simba, Mufasa or Alex.

Have your ushers, ticket takers and/or

orchestra wear the Lion Ears to

inspire audience members into your pride!

(Fits all sizes)


Order in multiples of 10

Lion Ears.jpg
Seuss Hat.jpg
Stovepipe Hat

'Oh, the thinks you will think'

while wearing your own Stovepipe Hat.

The iconic red & white stripes scream


and audiences will scream for a

hat to take home to

remember and relive the show.

(Size runs large)


Order in multiples of 10

Sandy Dogs

You know that the 'sun will come out tomorrow'

with these adorable Sandy Dogs.

With a bright red bow and a sun

embroidered on the paw,

who can resist this famous pooch?

It is obvious why ANNIE loved her

best friend, Sandy, so much!


Order in multiples of 10

Annie Dog.jpg
Elf Ears.jpg
Elf Ears

'The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear'

while wearing these precious Elf Ears.

ELF, THE MUSICAL, of course,

is the perfect show for Elf Ears.

Every order comes with a combination of

red and green hats on the headbands.

(Fits all sizes)


Order in multiples of 12