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Place An


Set Up a Email Thread

Please click on the CONTACT tab and register. This will create an Email Thread between you and Willow Bend. You will receive messages to your questions via emails. (FYI...Sometimes, school addresses will throw them into SPAM folders - check there if you feel we have forgotten you.) At our end, all of our messages are kept in one convenient place. We hope that this keeps us up-to-date on your needs. 


In your initial message, please identify your organization, the show you are doing and your show dates.



Because there is no upfront payment to receive our products, we require a PAYMENT GUARANTEE by registering a Credit Card. Your card will NOT be charged at this time. The only time a credit card is charged is when a Final Invoice is 60 days overdue.  (Visa, MasterCard, Discover are accepted.)

If your organization needs a PURCHASE ORDER number on your invoice, please attach the PO to your Chat Thread.


Choose Your Product(s)

Click on the ORDER button, and you will go to our Shop. Because you are paying nothing upfront, the cost showing for each product is $0.00. (Unusual, right?) The shipping charge will also show up as $0.00 – but the correct shipping cost is To Be Determined (TBD) by how much you order. We can post your shipping charges on your Chat Board, if requested.

After returning props/fundraising items, a Final Invoice representing product cost and shipping will be emailed to you. You may pay with a check at that time.

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