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Shadow Show


WILLOW BEND is adding a new line to its offerings -


We are working with a fabulous artist, Amy Boettcher, to create a unique design for each of our pins. Amy's incredible attention to detail and color will make each pin its own 'work of art'.

We are thrilled with the pins - and think you will love them, too.


These pins will be great cast gifts and show souvenirs.

Think of the pre-show advertising opportunity as cast members

wear their pins around the school/community.

(Each pin is heavy-weight with a butterfly clasp on the back.) 


The pins will, also, be an offering in our Fundraiser Program

Place your order - sell, sell, sell - and return the unsold pins.

No upfront payment is required - and no unsold items left in your closet.

PRICING for Pins Sold:

$4.00 each for 1 - 10 pins

$3.50 each for 11 - 50 pins

$3.00 each for 51+


SPECIAL OFFER for clients renting

the Enchanted Rose or either Ursula Shell:

$2.75 for each

B & B Pin.jpg
Beauty & the Beast


  In the shape of the

Enchanted Rose's dome,

this lapel show pin shows

the hands of Belle & Beast

holding the Magical Red Rose that

is the centerpiece of their love story.


1 7/16" Tall 

15/16" Wide

Little Mermaid


This lapel show pin is in the shape of the

Nautilus Shell that captures Ariel's voice.

Ursula's tentacle, Ariel's mertail and

Prince Eric's ship on the horizon

-all in splendid detail & color -

celebrate this joyous story!


1 7/16" Tall 

1 1/16" Wide

Little Mermaid Pin.jpg


Peeking out from behind a

bouquet of sunflowers,

Shrek couldn't be more

romantic and sincere as he

courts Princess Fiona.


1 7/16" Tall 

1 1/16Wide



Inside this beautiful snowflake,

Elsa can be seen using her

special powers to fill

the kingdom with snow & ice.


1 5/16" Tall 

1 5/16"  Wide



Horton will protect the Whos' clover

no matter what!

Encased inside the iconic

red & white stovepipe hat,

Horton shows that he

is a wonderful friend.


1 5/16" Tall 

1 5/16"  Wide



This pin has it all:

the clock, the slipper, the wand,

the pumpkin & carriage,

plus the crown.

And of course, the famous words...

'Once Upon a Time'.

It is everything that is Cinderella!


1 5/16" in Diameter

Mean Girls


What a perfect way to celebrate

this great musical.

The pin celebrates this anthem to 

friendship, loyalty, girl power,

and being true to yourself.

"It's so Fetch!"


1 3/8" Tall 

1 3/16" Wide

Legally Blonde


"Omigod You Guys!"

We have the perfect pin to

represent this popular musical.

Elle, as Lady Justice, shows us

Delta Nu, Bruiser and her famous high heels

while standing on a law book and,

of course, a copy of Vogue.


1 3/8" Tall 

1 3/16" Wide

Mary Poppins


This pin is 'Practically Perfect' in every way.

Set inside her famous umbrella, 

we see the London skyline,

the magical carpetbag,

and a high-flying kite.

And whose silhouette is that?

The Perfect Nanny


1 3/8" Tall 

1 3/8" Wide

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