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Shadow Show


WILLOW BEND is adding a new line to its offerings -


We are working with a fabulous artist, Amy Boettcher, to create a unique design for each of our pins. Amy's incredible attention to detail and color will make each pin its own 'work of art'.

We are thrilled with the pins - and think you will love them, too.


These pins will be great cast gifts and show souvenirs.

Think of the pre-show advertising opportunity as cast members

wear their pins around the school/community.

(Each pin is heavy-weight with a butterfly clasp on the back.) 


The pins will, also, be an offering in our Fundraiser Program

Place your order - sell, sell, sell - and return the unsold pins.

No upfront payment is required - and no unsold items left in your closet.


$4.00 each for 1 - 10 pins

$3.50 each for 11 - 50 pins

$3.00 each for 51+


SPECIAL OFFER for clients renting

the Enchanted Rose or either Ursula Shell:

$2.75 for each

B & B Lapel Pin - Constant Contact.jpg
Beauty & the Beast


  In the shape of the Enchanted Rose's dome,

this lapel show pin shows the hands of

Belle & Beast holding the Magical Red Rose that

is the centerpiece of their love story.


1 7/16" Tall 

15/16" Wide

Little Mermaid


This lapel show pin is in the shape of the

Nautilus Shell that captures Ariel's voice.

Ursula's tentacle, Ariel's mertail and

Prince Eric's ship on the horizon

-all in splendid detail & color -

celebrate this joyous story!


1 7/16" Tall 

1 1/16"  Wide

LM Lapel Pin -Constant Contact.jpg

The PINS below will be available in mid-March 2023.
Frozen - Shrek - Cinderella - Seussical
Order by Feb. 1st, receive a $.25 Discount

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