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First Week Rental runs Monday to Monday.

Early Friday Delivery and Additional Week(s) Rentals are available.


Client is responsible for roundtrip shipping costs.

You will receive a RETURN SHIPPING LABEL with your shipment.

You will need to drop the prop off at a FedEx facility on the Monday after your final show.

Enchanted Rose

This is a MUST HAVE for all productions of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  Shining with LED lights, the Rose drops petals during the most climactic moments of the show. The prop's size makes it the perfect compliment to any production.

Size:  29" x 17"

$250 1st Wk

$125 each Add'l Wk

$25 Early Friday Delivery

Magical Mirror

How does Belle look back to see the Beast...with the Magical Mirror!  This prop piece has an LED ring around the outside of the mirror with five light up functions.  The lights are visible from both sides of the mirror so staging options are unlimited!


Size:  17" x 9"

$30 1st Wk

$15 each Add'l Wk

$5 Early Friday Delivery

Ursula Shell

Sometimes, bigger is better!  Broadway found it necessary to create a handheld Ursula Shell so that the entire audience could see the capture of Ariel's voice.  We are happy to offer you the same opportunity.  Our shell has six LED light pods for illumination.  With a remote, your color/function features are too numerous to mention - and you choose the lighting design that goes best with your production!

The back of the Shell is a panel with access to the lighting compartments and the remote.

Size:  15" x 13"

$100 1st Wk

$50 Each Add'l Wk

$10 Early Friday Delivery

Ursula Voice-Activated Necklace

If you like the traditional effect of an Ursula Necklace, this is the perfect piece for you.  With a voice-activated function, this prop will light as your Ariel gives up her voice.  The tear away neck clasp allows the necklace to be torn from Ursula's neck at the highlight of the show.  Use the necklace alone - or pair it with the large handheld shell for double the effect!

Size:  4" x 3"   


$70 1st Wk

$35 Each Add'l Wk

$7 Early Friday Delivery